5 Insta-Worthy Hacks to Get Your Home in Tip-Top Summer Shape

The weather is warming up which means you’re probably chipping away at your cleaning to-do list.

Looking to have a little fun with your chores? Try these five unexpected shelf liner hacks around your home to protect against messes, enhance organization and add pops of color to lackluster spaces.

1. Liner in the laundry room. It never hurts to have a little extra storage in the laundry room. Cover the top of front-load machines with shelf liner for easy cleaning and to help keep items in place, then use the space to display your detergents and fabric softeners in decorative baskets or containers.

2. Spice up the pantry. It’s finally time to trade your mess of boxes, bags and random spices for those dry food canisters and pantry organizers you’ve been eyeing. Before arranging them on your shelves, put down a layer of liner to catch any crumbs or leaks. Kick things up a notch by choosing a printed liner to complement your kitchen décor.

3. Everything but the kitchen sink. The cabinets under your kitchen sink tend to be a catch-all for random cleaning products, tools and household supplies. But they can also be a hot spot for water damage, grime and leaks. Cover under-sink surfaces with shelf liner and organize your products in sleek containers to elevate this dreary space.

4. Fridge envy. Feeling inspired by pics of your favorite celeb’s perfectly stocked fridge on social media? Take a stab at recreating their masterpiece by lining up your produce, drinks and condiments by type and color. Even if you can’t keep it up all year, at least you’ll get a great pic for the ‘Gram. Bonus Tip: A layer of shelf liner will help keep your groceries in place and make cleaning up any leaks or spills a breeze. You can even throw the liner in the washing machine and re-use it!

5. Dress up your closet. It’s the perfect time of year for a closet purge. After you’ve divvyed up your “donate” and “keep” piles, cover your closet shelves and dresser drawers with fabric top liner to protect clothes from snags, crease lines and discoloration. While you’re at it, apply leftover printed liner to the sides of your drawers for an easy, DIY upgrade.

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Clearing the cobwebs and getting a fresh start this season? Use shelf liner around the house to add beauty and organization to your spaces. (StatePoint)