This Travel Destination Will Keep You Motivated to Eat More Plant-Based

Everyone’s trying to eat more plant-based these days for their health, the environment, and animals, but what’s out there in the way of vegan travel for those in need of a little motivation—especially during the spring/summer months when backyard BBQs and other summertime temptations strike?

I thought you might agree that now would be a great time to highlight Farm Sanctuary, America’s premier farm animal sanctuary and advocacy organization. Its storybook-ish sanctuary locations in New York and California specialize in happy endings for thousands of cows, pigs, chickens, and other farm animals rescued from abuse.

After spending time with these resilient animals, you’ll have no trouble ordering that Impossible Whopper or grabbing the non-dairy Ben & Jerry’s.

What’s more? The bucolic 275-acre New York sanctuary offers the chance to stay overnight in a luxurious tiny house or cabin. So whether you were recently inspired by Joaquin Phoenix’s powerful Oscar speech (and the rescue he did the next day with Farm Sanctuary), or you’ve yet to explore plant-based living, now’s a great time to visit the place credited with inspiring the international farm sanctuary movement.