Tips for Students and Teachers to Get Through the Midyear Slump

There comes a certain point during every school year when students and educators alike are at risk of suffering from a midyear slump. One solution to staying motivated? Adding some color and vibrancy to everyday tools used in the classroom. Here are five ideas for doing so:

• A change of scenery has the power to inspire. Students can revamp their lockers and desks at home with new decorations, artwork and organizational tools, like a color-coded bulletin board. Teachers can make the same updates to classrooms to give students and themselves a fresh perspective.

• Add a fun splash of color to music-making. With Casiotone CT-S200 keyboards, you can select from vibrant red or white, in addition to the standard black. The ability to hook up to any portable music player so that the user can play any music downloaded to the device offers versatility in lesson planning, practice and performance.

• Any calculator can be easily customized with skins, but if you want to keep it simple, some models are stylish and colorful right out of the box. One such example is the fx-9750GII. Available in black, blue or pink, this can be a great way to give young mathematicians a fun and useful tool to see them through finals, college entrance exams and more.

• If you didn’t purchase new accessories like backpacks, gym bags or laptop cases at the beginning of the school year, maybe it’s time for a refresh. Slick new carrying essentials can give a student greater confidence while traveling from home to the classroom, and help brighten the school day.

• From quotes and messages greeting students each morning to building out lessons with pictures from around the globe, a projector designed to work well in the classroom, such as the Casio Ultra Short Throw projector XJ-U351, can be a versatile tool for teachers looking to liven things up or engage students in a lively conversation.
By embracing colorful tools, students and teachers can work their way out of the midyear slump for a strong finish to the school year. (StatePoint)