The Same Tools at School and Home Can Help Students Achieve

Cutting-edge technologies have long been used in classrooms to help students engage with material and better grasp tough concepts. And now, many of these same technologies are becoming available for use at home.

Here are a few ways that educational technology can help students transition from classroom instruction to home study seamlessly:

• Digital learning: Software tools make it easier for students to connect with classroom materials long after the bell rings. Apps such as Edsby, give students access to lesson plans, study guides, homework assignments and school calendars 24/7, while providing a convenient platform for teachers to communicate with parents.

• Better visuals: Sharp, bright imagery provided by ultra short-throw projectors, such as the XJ-UT351WN from Casio, allow students in even the smallest classrooms to harness the power of visual learning. And now that the market has widened accessibility to high-quality projectors, students can use them in bedroom-sized spaces to review lesson plans, research term papers, cram for exams and more.

• More math: Mathematics software is giving students an all-in-one platform to grasp new concepts both during classroom instruction and while doing homework. The free online calculator,, includes calculation, graphing, geometry and statistics functionality and is particularly versatile for students on-the-go, as it auto-saves work to a free cloud account that can be accessed anywhere, as well as allows students to customize their workspace with resizable and draggable “sticky notes.”

• Updated reading: E-readers give students a burden-free way to take home vast quantities of reading materials with them, and an ink-free way to annotate text. When connected to the internet, students can collaborate on group projects or discuss passages in-depth with each other from anywhere, and teachers are able to see how students are interacting with the reading.

As access to technology tools widens, students will benefit from the seamless transition that using the same platforms at home and school provides. (StatePoint)