How To Manage Stress Through Music

With routines upturned and health concerns top of mind, many people are feeling an extra amount of stress these days, too much of which can be bad for one’s mental and physical health.

However, music has many mood-boosting, stress-relieving benefits. Here are four ways to incorporate more of it into your life without even leaving the house.

• Too much time spent scrolling through social media can induce anxious feelings. Allow music to provide a healthy distraction from digital devices. Carve out a block of time each day to practice your instrument.

• Get a fun, easy and most importantly, stress-free introduction to music making with the right tools. By connecting a Casio keyboard with lighted keys to the Chordana Play App or using the app’s keyboard, beginners can gain a better understanding of music study. The app displays the music score and piano roll notation for built-in songs and MIDI files, allowing you to select which tracks to play with your left and right hands, With the ability to slow the tempo and transpose to a key that’s easier to play, you can practice at your own pace. Plus, a scoring system lets track your progress.

• Social distancing doesn’t have to be antisocial. Connect with fellow musicians from the comfort and safety at home by hosting a virtual session for the added stress-relieving benefits of socializing with friends, old and new.

• Expressing yourself creatively is one of the best tools for kicking stress to the curb, and making music in no exception. Once you feel comfortable with the basics, you may feel empowered to write your own melodies or even develop them fully into songs.

In these unusual times, music can benefit your mood and mental health by serving as a valuable creative outlet, a means for practicing mindfulness and a great way to connect with others. (StatePoint)