Common Moving Myths – Busted!

You’ve finally found the perfect home. Now comes the hard part: moving. But don’t let misconceptions complicate the process. To keep frustrations to a minimum and make your move more manageable, here are five common moving myths, debunked.

Myth 1: All moves are disorganized. Truth: Contrary to popular opinion, relocating can be structured. Begin purging items that aren’t moving with you several weeks before you start packing. Once you’re ready to box up your belongings, pack by room and label, label, label. Numbering containers, color-coding boxes with masking tape and listing contents will help you keep track of your possessions.

If you’re unsure of what supplies you’ll need, check out the moving calculator at Simply enter the number of bedrooms and baths into the calculator for an instant shopping list based on your needs.

Myth 2: You have to move everything at once. Truth: Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you have a single day to move. While for some this is unavoidable, if possible, taking a few days to relocate can greatly reduce stress.

Identify essentials you’ll need immediately, like bedding and kitchen tools, and ensure these necessities are “last on, first off” the moving truck. Plan to transition items such as décor and out-of-season clothing later. You may also consider transporting important documents and jewelry separately from the truck to ensure safe passage.

For an easy first night’s stay, pack a duffle bag with everything you need for the next 24 hours, including toiletries, a change of clothing and must-haves for kids, like diapers.

Myth 3: Items will break. Truth: Absolutely not! While it can be stressful to transport irreplaceable items, it’s easy to keep them safe with solutions like Bubble Wrap brand cushioning. This protective padding from Duck brand easily conforms to valuables for a cushiony defense, and fills empty space to keep things from shifting.

To ensure a safe arrival, wrap items with the bubbles facing inward, smooth side out. Then, seal boxes with durable packing tape to ensure a safe arrival.

Myth 4: Duct or masking tape work just as well as packing tape. Truth: Although it’s easier to reach for the duct tape in your junk drawer, not every tape will secure your valuables. These adhesives aren’t intended for the cardboard surfaces of moving boxes and can peel off minutes after application.

The wrong tape can cause frustration, expensive breakage, compromised storage and even physical harm should a box suddenly break open at the wrong moment. To avoid this, seal boxes with strong packaging tape, like EZ Start packing tape from Duck brand. This frustration-free tape unrolls smoothly, easily and quietly — and you never lose the tape end.

Myth 5: Friday is the best day to move. Truth: Fridays are thought to be the best moving day because it gives you the whole weekend to unpack. However, everyone else thinks that too, which means you pay a premium. The most expensive times to move are weekends and at the beginning or end of the month.

If your schedule allows, select an off-peak time, such as a weekday morning or afternoon. Regardless of when you relocate, book movers several weeks in advance to lock in the day and time you want.

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Moving is a big deal but by sorting fact from fiction, you can keep frustrations to a minimum.(StatePoint)