How to Treat Today’s Most Common Skin Issues

Spending a lot more time at home indoors these days or adjusting to going back outside? New habits and big lifestyle changes can have an effect on one’s skin.

Here are some of the more common skin care issues associated with life today and their solutions, some of which can be easily found at the drugstore:

• Dry skin: Our new reality of wearing masks can have a drying effect on our skin. But you can easily enhance your skin’s own moisture-retention with a serum-containing dermatologist-recommended hyaluronic acid.

“Using gentle and lightweight skincare, especially now that the temperatures are rising, will properly hydrate your skin without clogging the pores, even under a mask. Hyaluronic acid products, such as serums, that are correctly formulated will also help plump the skin and reduce wrinkles,” says Dr. Rocio Rivera, VP of scientific communications, L’Oréal Paris.

For long lasting hydration, apply two to three drops of L’Oréal Paris 1.5% Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum to the face and neck every morning and evening – its lightweight and fast-absorbing texture works well under a mask.

• Not prioritizing me-time: If you have a lot going on these days, you may forget to take some time for self-care. Beyond your skin care routine — which you should continue to maintain — you can also promote a healthy-looking glow by prioritizing sleep, eating a well-balanced diet, staying hydrated and getting regular exercise.

“Sun protection equals skin health and it is the most important age preventive product in your skincare routine. A broad spectrum SPF formula is always a must: Rain or shine, indoors, outdoors, and yes — all over the face, includes under the mask,” says Dr. Rocio Rivera.

• Light exposure: Spending large portions of the day indoors unfortunately doesn’t eliminate risks associated with light exposure. With more screen time comes increased exposure to blue light. What’s more, you are still susceptible to incidental sun exposure coming in through windows of your home and car.

Refresh and protect your skin with a moisturizer that also has broad spectrum SPF, such as L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Triple PowerSPF 30, which can be smoothed over the face and neck every morning. Formulated with pro-retinol, vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, it will make your skin feel smooth, soft and refreshed after use.

• Lack of glow: For many, skin glow is a key sign of skin health, and while you may not be catching as many rays outdoors these days to achieve this, there is an aesthetically-pleasing and much healthier way to achieve a sun-kissed glow without the damage and pre-mature aging caused by UV exposure. Stash your cabinet with the latest innovation from L’Oréal Paris, Sublime Bronze Water Mousse. Its clear liquid formula delivers a seamless, streak-free application and quick absorption for a natural-looking bronze tan that does not transfer. Infused with coconut water and vitamin E, it leaves skin soft and beachy-smelling.

For best results, shake well. Pump into hands and smooth evenly over clean, exfoliated skin. Allow four to eight hours for the color to fully develop before showering. For a longer-lasting tan, apply three times over 12 to 24 hours. Wash hands thoroughly after use. Let skin dry completely before putting on clothes.

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Your new lifestyle means now, more than ever, you should not neglect your skin. A few simple steps can keep your skin refreshed and healthy-looking. (StatePoint)